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What are The Magical Tales?

The Magical Tales-Gifts are fun, interactive products that celebrate the "night before."

They instill values, imagination and family traditions.  

  • The night before Christmas 
  • The night before Easter....
  • The night before Halloween.... 
  • The night before Chanukah....
  • The night before your birthday....

Help your child guide Santa and the Easter Bunny directly to their door with Santa Dust and Easter Bunny Dust and help them sprinkle away their fears with Halloween Dust. Sprinkling Birthday Dust will make their birthday wishes come true and they will learn the meaning of friendship with the Friendship Dreidel.  

Let's celebrate the magic of the "night before!"

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About Us

Patricia Cardello

Patricia is the owner of N & J Publishing and the magic behind The Magical Tales. She is an actress, writer, entrepreneur and fledgling filmmaker.  Patricia is originally from Providence, Rhode Island and now resides with her husband and two children in New York City.

Manuela Soriani

Manuela Soriani is a professional illustrator who lives and works in Italy. She has worked on numerous children's book, puzzle stories, mobile applications, ebook illustrations and animated videos. She is known for her powerful and detailed artwork that falls between the worlds of realism and fantasy. 

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See what people are saying!


I can easily tell you that this book will go down in history along with the Night Before Christmas and the like. NOT ONLY is it a beautifully told story, but since a pouch of Santa Dust comes with each copy, your children can “live the story” and sprinkle their own Santa Dust and experience the magic for themselves. 

The MomBuzz Review

I loved this book and concept,   If you are spending Christmas away from home – maybe at Grandma’s or a hotel – and your children think that Santa won’t find them, this can eliminate their stress. Finally, if you are moving to a new home, it can be a fun Christmas tradition to start! I suggest The Magical Tale of Santa Dust to anyone with children ages 4 and up! 

New York Magazine

I am confident the story will become a new tradition for your family holiday readings. The book includes its own little red pouch filled with Santa dust too. You will once again believe in the magic and awe that Santa brings to Christmas and the children.  

Beachbound Books

The Magical Tale of Santa Dust is a heartwarming story that is sure to become a Christmas tradition. The book comes with a red velvet pouch full of magic Santa dust. 

Jennifer S.

I loved this Easter Tradition and my  family loved this gift. The story was written wonderfully an you can definitely apply it to your own traditions. The sparkle were a big hit and will keep the kids intrigued year after year. 

Mamas Bacon

I loved this book. How does Santa find his way to our homes each year?  Perhaps a little Santa Dust to guide him our way?  I always envied children who believed in the magic of Christmas.  Sure, we all know it’s a tale but it is also an imaginative magical adventure during the cold winter months.  Isn’t it nice to believe that a mysterious jolly man in a reindeer sleigh would come and bring you gifts for no other reason than you have been good? The Magical Tale of Santa Dust will easily become a Christmas Tradition.  It is meant to read to your child on Christmas Eve, the same time you sprinkle the dust and leave out the cookies for Santa and his reindeer.  

The Magical Tales/Magic Dusts products are not recommended for children under the age of 3.

Contents: Santa Dust, Magical Reindeer Dust, Magic Dusts, Easter Bunny Dust & Halloween Dust contents consists of glitter & MAGIC! 

Birthday Dust contents consists of multi colored confetti & MAGIC!

 Magic Dusts products are non-toxic and non-consumable. 


Santa Dust, Magic Dusts, Magical Reindeer Dust, Easter Bunny Dust, Halloween Dust, The Friendship Dreidel, Birthday Dust, Santa Supplies! and The Magical Tales are trademarks of PAC Jennic Inc. and protected by trademark laws. 

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