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The Magical Tales

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The Magical Tales/Magic Dusts products are not recommended for children under the age of 3.

Contents: Santa Dust, Magical Reindeer Dust, Magic Dusts, Easter Bunny Dust & Halloween Dust contents consists of glitter & MAGIC! 

Birthday Dust contents consists of multi colored confetti & MAGIC!

Magic Dusts products are non-toxic and non-consumable. 


Santa Dust, Magic Dusts, Magical Reindeer Dust, Easter Bunny Dust, Halloween Dust, The Friendship Dreidel and The Magical Tales are trademarks of PAC Jennic Inc. and protected by trademark laws. 

No Returns. All Sales are Final.

If you are interested in selling The Magical Tales in your store, please contact us at 212-260-7075 or 

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and we would be happy to discuss wholesale pricing with you.